Industrial IoT 3G/4G router Super Modem III with Internal 3G / 4G LTE

G2Wifi III Wireless Router with WAN and built-in 3G / 4G LTE Modem

Wireless Router with FWT , WAN and Internal 3G/4G LTE

Wellhead IoT for Geothermal, Oil & Gas and Water well

MTSeis Array - Magneto-Telluric and Seismic Recorder Array Marine Sea Bed Logger (Marine SBL)
3DSEM – 3D Seismic & Electromagnetic Exploration System Marine CSEM (Controlled Source EM) for Direct Hydrocarbon Detection
IoGT 64 channels Monitoring Systems MTSeis_s Array Systems 



提供OEM/ ODM/ Prototyping/ Manufacturing/ EMS 多项专业代工服务

本公司所生产制造的产品除了可用于OEM及其它私有品牌外, 我们亦将您的创意理念实际诉诸成您想要的商业产品, 提供的产品开发服务项目如下所列:

- 电子线路图设计
- PCB 设计
- PCBA Prototyping
- MCU 韧体开发
- 内嵌式系统(Embedded System)韧体开发
- 窗口接口软件开发
- 外观设计与Prototyping 
- 大规模量产