MTSeis_S Array System

MTSeis_S is An Universal Audio Magneto-telluric Exploration system, which includes three coils, five non-polarized electrodes, 8-channel recorder and a calibration sub-system.



Application Examples: Available S  oftware
Groundwater exploration

MTSeis_Data Plow

Mining exploration

MTSeis_Data Processing

Civil Engineering survey

IPI2win_MT (Free AP)

Shallow geothermal exploration

ModEM (Resale of ModEM Geophysical Inc.)

Seismoelectric observation

Passive & Active Seismic Source Tomography

Earthquake research

CSEM 3D Tomography





24 Bits x8 channels

3G/4G Internet connection

Optional with SMA for external Antenna


802.11 b/g/n with SMA for external Antenna

Sampling rate

16KHz & 4KHz

Geophone connection


Power supply



Hot-swappable 20AH x @7.2V &

5.2AH @7.2V backup

Dimension/ Weight

26.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 16 cm /4.2 kg

Frequency range

8KHz ~ 0.1Hz

Anti-aliasing filter


Array Processing



Ch1-Ch3: M12 x8 for optional geophones

Ch4-5: M12 x8 for two electrode pairs

Ch 6-8: M12 x8 for three coils

SMA x2 for Cellular modems; SMA x2 for WIFI; SMA x1

for GPS; One SMA reserved M12x3 for External power RJ45 x2 for Ethernet

Non-polarized Electrodes


Dimension/ Weight

Φ10 cm x 15 cm/ 550 g

V difference between two electrodes

< 1 mV

Noise in 30 minutes

< 0.01 mV

24-hour stability

< 0.1 mV

30-days stability

< 1.0 mV


< 50 Ohm

Frequency range

DC ~ 10 KHz

Temperature range

-10 ~ 40oC

Calibration Box


Dimension/ Weight

21.5 cm x 18 cm x 9.5 cm/1 kg

Sinusoidal signal Frequency

8Hz using push button

Voltage output to current



Current output to coil




Dimension/ Weight

Φ7 cm x 66 cm/ 6kg

Amplitude response



Phase response


Other Possible Applications

lPassive Earthquake Exploration (Micro Earthquake)

lActive Shear wave Vibroseis Tomography Exploration (Patented pending)

lControl Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) Exploration

lEarthquake Research

lSeismo-electric Exploration

Other MTSeis_S Configuration

1)   Eight Geophones for Seismic

2)   3 Low freq. coil + 3 High Freq. Coils + Two Electrode Pairs

3)   Eight Electrode Pairs


MTSeis_S Array uses four simultaneously recording stations to de-spike the un-correlated noises by variance technique. The array includes one Calibration sub-system for calibrating at field site.

Red line: original; Green: noise removed for 114,000 seconds

Example of Effective Apparent Resitivity XZ Plane

Example of resistivity distribtion (right figure)along the cross section shown on the left figure