Ultra low power recorder (ULPR) for geophysical Exploration

ULPR is a 31 bits two or three channels precise AD data logger for Geophysical application with the features below. The current version is mainly designed for the measurement for the following application examples:

  1. Random distributed SP and microearthquake exploration for geothermal
  2. Controlled source electrical or electromagnetic exploration
  3. Microearthquake using multiple geophones or seismometers
  4. Random distributed active seismic exploration
  5. Broad Band MT (400 Hz ~ 0.00001 Hz) with broadband magnetometer


For Geotech civil engineering application:

  1. SP and Spectral Analysis of Surface Wave for contamination
  2. SP and microearthquake monitoring for land slide


Main Features: 

  • Two different models:
    • ULPRx3 for 3-chennels
    • ULPRx2 for 2-chennels
  • Integrated with GPS module 1 PPS to synchronize data acquisition with timestamp.
  • Up to256 GB SD memory for up one-month continuous data recording at 1K SPS
  • Presetable date & time for start recording
  • High impedance > 1M Ohm differential analog input with Transient Voltage Surge protection
  • High common mode > 110dB
  • Real time monitoring application program for checking all channels data via USB port
  • Input voltage range: ±1100[mV]
  • Input TVS protection: Yes
  • AD bits: 31[Bits]
  • Max Sampling rate: 1,000 SPS
  • PGA gain: x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64
  • AFE Filter: 400Hz LPF + Optional 60Hz notch
  • RTC timer: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Temperature range: -10o – 75oC
  • Input power range: 7V--28V dual path external batteries
  • Dimension(W x L x H): 23cm x12cm x7cm
  • LCD to show status and real time data series
  • LCD specifications:3”, resistivity touch panel, 480*272 resolution

Power consumption for 3 channels: 1,100 mW; 2,200 mW with LCD turned on

                           (Product Photo)

Instant Message and Status


Time Series Display