Wellhead IoT 3G/4G router 

For Geothermal, Oil & Gas and Water well

Wellhead IoT is a data collector equipped with 8 channels A/D converters for Temperature sensor, PH sensor,  Pressure sensor, H2S sensor and any other AD sensors and will be suitable for the applications of geothermal, oil & gas and water well. There are several models available from 3JTech solutions therefore the users can choose the most suitable one according to the data transmission speed/distance and the cost.


IWR_LTE_AD_LORA (Master & Slave)

Targeting the end devices equipped with ADC for long communication distance with high receiving sensitivity.Each AD_LORA SLAVE can only be equipped with two sensors and each IWR_LTE_LORA MASTER can only connect with three AD_LORA SLAVEs at most via LORA WiFi.




Targeting the end devices equipped with ADC with short communication distance and low speed data transmission with low power consumption.

General Specifications:


* MT7620IA

* WAN 10/100M x 1

* LAN 10/100M x 1

* Wifi 802.11 b/g/n 2T2R                                                                            

* LTE EC25

* Micro SD

* Isolation Digital IO (optional)

* 8 channels Analog to digital IO

* Operation Temperature range: -40C ~ +85C


* AD board with 8 ADC and NBIoT module


* AD board with 8 ADC and Lora module


* Upload CH1 to CH8 sensor data to http server or MQTT server.

* Support data storage to internal 64GB SD card.

* Read SD card data via local LAN port (SAMBA).

* WIN10 real time monitoring AP via USB port.

* Local event trigger IO activated. Alarm siren activated.



* Oil/gas pipes network, pump stations
* Water pipes network real time monitoring - water in and out temperature
* Underground water level real time monitoring
* Environmental monitoring system - PH/temperature/humidity/H2S/pressure
* Remote Industrial equipment monitoring
* Rural equipment monitoring e.g. power plant, antenna tower
* Measuring equipment data capture and report via 4G or NBIoT mobile and Ethernet network
* Food chain, storage, transport industry, building management
* Agricultural, farming, laboratory, medical industry

* Meteorological data collection and hydrological monitoring

* Other applications in many walks of life business


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