Industrial IoT 3G/4G router Super Modem III with Internal 3G / 4G LTE
G2Wifi III Wireless Router with WAN and built-in 3G / 4G LTE Modem Wireless Router with FWT , WAN and Internal 3G/4G LTE

Wellhead IoT for Geothermal, Oil & Gas and Water well

MTSeis Array - Magneto-Telluric and Seismic Recorder Array Marine Sea Bed Logger (Marine SBL)
3DSEM – 3D Seismic & Electromagnetic Exploration System Marine CSEM (Controlled Source EM) for Direct Hydrocarbon Detection
IoGT - 64 Ch Monitoring System  MTSeis_s Array System
Extended Linear Ramp Control Source EM Exploration System (ELR_TEM) Scientific Treasure Hunting Crowd Funding


OEM/ ODM/ Prototyping/ Manufacturing/ EMS

3JTech's Products are available for OEM and private branding. In addition, 3JTech put your idea into commercial products. We offer product development including the following in house services:

- Electronic Circuit Design 
- PCB Design
- PCBA Prototyping
- MCU Firmware Development
- Embedded System Firmware Development
- Windows Software Development
- Housing Design and Prototyping
- Mass Production