Internet of Geophysical Things (IoGT) 64 channels Monitoring Systems


IoGT-MS-64A is a 64 channels 24bit precise AD data logger for internet of Geophysical things which is designed mainly for the measuring Self-Potentials for long term remote monitoring applications such as land slide monitoring and bridge and building corrosion monitoring with the features below:


  • Integrated with GPS module 1PPS to synchronize data acquisition with timestamp.


  • Internal 128G SD memory for up 12 months continuous data recording at 10 SPS.


  • Programmable interval working time setting for power saving mode operation.


  • LCD panel for detail working status display.


  • Industrial grade LTE wifi router for uploading data to IoGT cloud server


  • 64 channels high impedance differential analog input with Transient Voltage Surge protection.


  • Wide input power voltage range with TVS protection.


  • Real time monitoring application program for checking all channels data via LAN port.


Hardware specification
Channel number

Max. 64 channels

1.A digital analog converter (ADC) with switcher

2.Composed by Multiple sets of physical ADCs

Input mode Differential input
Input voltage ±1650[mV]
Input protection cireuit


EMI / RF protection lightening & protection

Data bit 24[Bits]
Resolution Max. 24[Bits]
Sampling rate 10SPS
Programmable Amplifier X1,X2,X3,X4,X6,X8,X12

Analog digital conversion part

Filtel 5Hz LPF
Input resistance 10M Ω
RTC clock Yes
GPS positioning Yes
Data synchronization


All channels of this unit are synchronized. When used simultaneously with other identical devices, the system can acurately synchronize through GPS time.

Working temperature range 0-50℃
Power input range 10V - 30V
Dimension (W*L*H) 50 * 35 * 30 (cm)
power consumption

working mode: 12V / 1.7A

sleeping mode: 12V / 0.03a

Master control system specification

Industrial IoT 3G/4G


CPU : MT7620IA

SDRAM:64MB ~ 256MB

Flash:8MB ~ 16MB

Connection interface


10/100 LAN PORT X 1

10/100 WAN PORT X 1

Connection interface


WiFi SMA Antenna X 2

LTE SMA Antenna X 2

Connection interface

power Universal

DC Jack X 1
Storage device

Micro SD Card X 1

12C X 1
Other interface

RS232C X 1 or RS485 X 1


Standard SIM Card X 1
Button  Reset Button X 1
Working temperature range -40℃ to 85℃

Power input range

DC 10V~ DC 30V / 1A




Power management:

Can control each module to sleep and wake up RTC clock

RTC clock:


Watch dog:

To prevent system crashed and reboot automatically


應用範例 1:


應用範例 2: