MTSeis Array - Magneto-Telluric and Seismic Recorder Array

3DSEM is a system using thousands of eight channel receivers recording seismic and magnetic field at fixed location for months. Vibroseis and EM transmitters will be moving around at the vicinity of the receivers. An intermediate or preliminary system before 3DSEM is the MTSeis, which is a multiple eight channel recorder for magneto-telluric and seismic.

Comparisons of MT Array Results with Drillings in Taiwan

MTSeis Station

MTSeis Array Stations and Server Configuration

Typical field operation would be about 10 sites recording with a remote reference site for long period of time so we will get the following data for:

  1. Active seismic data if we have vibroseis
  2. Micro earthquake, earthquake and ground noise
  3. Controlled Source Transient electromagnetic fields if we have EM transmitte
  4. Magneto-telluric
  5. Seismo-electric and electro-seismic

A typical MT station layout. The stations can be anywhere from a quarter-mile to tens of miles apart, depending on the type of survey. The new system will have an additional 3C Geophone or MEMS accelerometer recording simultaneously.

Recorder Specification:
        8 Channel 24 bit ADC
        Up to 2KSPS sampling rate
        3 Ch analog front end for coils
        3 Ch analog from end for seismic sensors
        2 Ch analog front end for potential electrodes
        >128G USB Disk (> 48 days continuous recording @ 1KSPS)
        Onsite monitoring by Android mobile phone or notebook PC via WIFI
        Optional WIFI real time upload to central site
        GPS and GPS Clock Synchronization
        20Ah main battery @7.4V
        2.6Ah back battery @7.4V for hot swapping main battery
        Optional wind + solar hybrid charger
Sensor Specifications:
1. Cored Coil x3
        >136uV/nT (1Hz)
2. Long Stable Non-polarizing Electrodes
Main Features:
        DC potential: a few mV (shortly after manufacturing)
        Contact + internal resistance of a couplet: 100-800 Ohm (for normal ground)
        Surface of the ceramic slab: 7 cm2
        Mass: about 0.6 kg
        Diameter (D): 60 mm
        Height (H): 100 mm
        Could be used about 100m under water
Temperature drift:about -0.1±0.01 mV/Co, using at around 20 Co.
Self-noise level: 0.001- 0.01 mV.
Working life:24-36 month

3. Seismic Sensor

       Geophone (4Hz~800Hz)

       Optional Low Noise and Wide Band Seismometer (0.1Hz~1,000Hz or 0~800Hz)


Application Examples:


  1.     3D and 4D Geothermal Exploration
  2.     Oil & Gas Reconnaissance
  3.     Oil & Gas Exploration for Traditional Seismic Difficult Areas
  4.     Volcanic Activity Monitoring
  5.     Earthquake Warning
  6.     Earthquake Prediction Study


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