VMR (VoIP Gateways & V.92 Modems Rack) is a 3U Rack Device with eight V.92 modems and eight VoIP Gateways. The features of the device are:
1) To dial into modem cameras from a PC over IP to retrieve live images from the modem cameras.
2) To receive the images upon event triggered and transmit it over the internet.
3) To dial into or receive the voice phone call from or to a PC over IP.
4) To dial into the phone from a PC over IP with password to make a broadcast

Front Panel of the Rack

Back Panel of the Rack
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Application Configuration

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Optional Devices:
1) CAMit I+ GSM
The camera has a built in V.90 modem. It also has a RS232 for connecting to a GSM modem if there is no PSTN line available. The maximum storage for the image is 80 frames for QVGA and 20 frames for VGA. It has nine digital-ins and one digital out. The digital-in could be connected to dry contact. While the digital-out could be connected to 3JTech's powerBox which could turn on power of the devices connected to it.

2) pCAMit
The camera is similar to CAMit I+ GSM as mentioned above with the following additional features:
1. Built in Passive Infrared Sensor
2. NFlash for storage up to 100 frames
3. Optional TV out for the images and infrared remote controller

3) IP Phone with Broadcasting Speaker
The SIP phone will auto pickup with a password. The central site could then broadcast or talk to the monitored site.

4) powerBox

powerBox is a low cost control box to turn on/off the AC power daisy chained to the cameras. It will save the hassle of installing the trigger out device. Just daisy chain the powerBox and the T series cameras with the power adaptor using the cable supplied, you will be able to control power device like light, siren or appliance remotely through PC, Pocket PC or mobile phone.

5) P&P IP Camera and Video Gateways
(please visit www.3jtech.com.tw for all our cameras and gateways)

Advanced Application Configuration Example

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.