Introduction to RCS
Remote Camera Services (RCS) are servers which provide services for our IP cameras
and Video Gateways. At this moment, there are four major services:
1) Authentication of the cameras and users
2) Viewing the remote cameras
3) Save the images upon trigger of the cameras
4) Send SMS to users for warning upon camera triggered
5) In addition to Midlet for Java phone for direct point to point browsing the cameras, RCS could have a HTTP and RTSP server for mobile phone

RCS System Configuration
The system comprises of several servers:
1) EMS T and EMS III: Event Management Servers for T series and III series remote cameras respectively
2) SQL and Web Servers
3) Secondary compression Engines to compress the continuous JPEG into more compact MPEG4
4) Backup Servers (not listed on the following figure)

RCS System Requierement
Processor type: Pentium III-compatible processor or higher
Processor speed: 1 GHz or higher
Memory: 1G or Maximum: Operating system maximum
HDD: 120G or above , 5400rpm or higher
Database : Microsoft SQL 2005 Develop Edition / Microsoft SQL2005 Standard Edition or above


  • SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition(English version)
    Developer Edition is designed to enable developers to build any type of application on top of SQL Server 2005. It includes all the functionality of Enterprise Edition (win32, x64, IA64) but with a special development and test license agreement that prohibits production deployment. 


  • SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition(English version)
    Standard Edition is an affordable option for small- and medium-sized organizations. It includes the core functionality needed for noncritical e-commerce, data warehousing, and line-of-business solutions. Standard Edition is optimized to run on win32, x64, and Itanium-based servers.


    General Features
    1) Authentication of camera and users
    2) Recording of camera images
    3) Send SMS / MMS / email to users to notify an event when camera was triggered
    4) Camera / user management
    5) Optional HTTP and RTSP servers for 2G and 3G mobile phones