Product Description - pCAMit

pCAMit I is a modem camera with built-in
1) Passive Infrared Detector,
2) CMOS camera with a PSTN modem,
3) Tiny Digital Video Recorder
4) Video-out via Infrared Remote Controller.

User can dial to pCAMit I camera via PSTN modem from anywhere to view the real-time image of the camera.

For security, user can set up the phone number in the camera. Via this phone number, the modem built in the camera will call out to PC via the modem connected to PC when the camera is triggered. Then, the camera sends the triggered images to the PC or e-mail with attached triggered images through the application software.

Specifications & Features

  • System & Interfaces:
    • Built-in 56 Kbps modem module, 8032 uP, and Internet protocol chips
    • 512K x 8bit Program memory, 8M x 8bit NAND flash memory for data
    • Mini-DIN 9pin RS232 connector for pCAMit I parameters setup
    • RJ11 for phone line
    • RJ22 connector for 5V DC/90~240V AC adaptor and trigger in/out
    • RCA connector for TV out
  • Internet Protocol & Feature
    • TCP/IP for Internet Communication
    • PPP for Dialup Network Logon and Handshaking
    • SMTP for Sending Email
    • DNS for Resolving IP Address From URL
    • Send E-mail with JPEG triggered images as file attachment
  • Embedded Modem
    • ITU-T V.90/V.34/V.32bis/V.22 for Data Mode
    • V.42 Error Correction (LAPM and MNP)
    • V.42bis and MNP Class 5 Data Decompression
  • Trigger In/Out connector for connecting external sensor for monitoring and security
    • One external trigger in & trigger out
    • Built-in PIR motion detection
  • Built-in Real Time clock for scheduled security and hardware watchdog
  • Record trigger images onto NAND Flash memory, JPEG format available
    • 8M byte NAND Flash memory
    • Support maximum 125 images saved
  • Modem to Modem:
    • Dial-in to pCAMit I, modem-to-modem connection, view triggered images via PC pCAMit I application software
    • Dial to pre-assigned number upon triggered
    • Save onto NAND Flash memory, view triggered images via TV out LCD device
    • Frame rate: QQVGA: 0.5~1 S/F; QVGA: ~1.5 S/F; VGA: ~6 S/F
  • TV out:
    • Support LCD panel interface
    • Support remote control(SIR)
    • Operation mode:
    • Real-time image display
    • Play stored image by Auto/Manual
    • Suspend security function
    • Delete file image
    • Support Image setting, brightness, contrast, auto exposure, flicker, saturation and hue

  • CMOS sensor Specification:
    • 1/4.5 inch 640 X 480 active pixel array
    • VGA(640x480) / QVGA(320x240) / QQVGA(160x120) image size
    • 50Hz, 60Hz flicker cancellation
    • Automatic/Manual gamma correction
  • Operation Environment:
    • Temperature: 0 O C ~ 55O C
    • Humidity: 85% relative at 25O C
    • Dimension of Main Body: 11cm x 6cm x 4.5 cm

*Specifications are subject to change without notice .