3JTech's home automation is an internet accessible device and meter for every power switch, AC plug, and appliance.

It is built using the same infrastructure as 3JTech's plug & play and point to point remote cameras.

In addition to the controls, the system also allows you to view the power consumption historical chart for every AC device.

  • Control Home Appliances via Internet or Wireless Tablet

          - Switches     - Drape    

    - Plugs           - Air Conditioner, etc ...
  • Record Currents for Status, Statistic Analysis and Warning
  • Value Added Services on top of 3JTech's Remote Camera Service (RCS) Server
    • HP_wallPlug ( High Power Wall Plug )
    • wallPlug ( Wall Plug )
    • wallSwitch ( Wall Swith )
    • AirConControl
    • DrapeControl

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.