Green Island - Ecology Balanced Campaign V1.1

By Dr. Wen J Whan, Geophysicist since 1977

May, 2017

Save the Island save the earth!

Turn the Island, which is called “Green Island” into a real Green Island!



       This campaign is for fund raising to develop a carbon zero emission ecology balanced island, which is a famous diving and hot spring resort.  The funds will be used to study the geothermal reservoir, to drill deep wells for geothermal power plant and to turn the island into an ecology balanced island using its own renewable geothermal energy. If succeeded, the concept could be copied to many islands on the earth which have hot spring and geothermal potential.



       Green Island is a famous diving resort area. It was reported that the island is one of the world rare diving sites which could see clearly 50 meters away while diving.   The population on this 15 square meter island is about 3,750.  The average number of tourist is 750 per day.  It is about 50 minutes by boat or 20 minutes by air from Taitung, which is a county in the southeastern Taiwan.  The island has its own diesel power plant.  The fresh water are imported from the main island.  The garbage are exported and processed by the main island’s incinerator. 

       It is also a famous hot spring resort.  The temperature of the hot spring outcrop is over 90oC. This area has great potential to develop a geothermal power plant of above 5MW.  The electricity need for the livelihood is about 2MW.  The extra electricity will be used for building an ecology balance island with zero carbon dioxide emission.

       The project is separated into four phases of works.  They are exploration, production well drillings, building the geothermal power plant and the ecology plants. The exploration includes geophysical, geochemical and shallow well drillings to locate the best production area and simulates the reservoir.  The production well drillings includes three wells of ~2,500 meter.  At least two separate geothermal generators will be planned after deep well drilling.

       The fourth phase, the ecology balanced system is the policy of the local government, which includes sea water desalination, sewage treatment plant, molecular decomposition incinerator and fuel cell factory for electric vehicles. The motorcycle and vehicles are gasoline based, which are about 7,000 and 100 separately.  The government policy is to replace them by fuel cell powered motorcycle and vehicles.  The policy could only be realized by a successful development of geothermal renewable energy.

       A big resort hotel is not feasible until the island solve the water supply and the sewage treatment problems. The government policy for building an international diving resort hotel depends heavily on the success of the geothermal development.



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       Formerly known as Fire Island, Green Island, located in the South-Eastern offshore of Taiwan in the Pacific Ocean. It is about 33 km southeast of Taitung.  The island could be seen in the sunny days from the coast of Taitung. Green Island is a volcanic island, consists volcanic agglomerate, andesite lava, volcanic ash, volcanic sand, and uplifted coral reefs, marine and river sediments, living coral and red soil (Figure 1). The volcanic agglomerate from the volcanic fragment (pyroclastic) cover throughout the whole Island. According to its mineral composition, rock nature, shape, eruption period, the Island volcanic formation is divided into four units. The rock formations are named by the names of the local villages.  They are YuZe Lake Agglomerate ( 油子湖集塊岩), QueWan Agglomerate (龜灣集塊岩), NuZe Mountain Agglomerate (<span">牛子山集塊岩) and Green Island Lava. 

       Early submarine volcanic activity cause lava fragments and agglomerates stacked up in the sea bed of 2000 or 3,000 meters deep. The crustal was uplifted to the sea level due to the tectonic collision.  At late volcanic activity spewing lava flew through agglomerate rock created the crater surface residue (Figure 2) with a volcanic neck (figures 3 and 4) geological structures. (For the geological structure of volcanic neck, refer to bulletin 146th Orchid geological landscape of craters and volcanic neck).

       Bursting craters and wave erosion created Gulf Bay or Local Lakes, such as Lanzi Lake, YuZi Lake (Figure 3).  Those flattened crannies on the beach are called Ping, such as Hensen Ping (Figure 5).  Hensen Ping is the crater remnants.  The wall along the burst-crater wall constitutes now known as the Pug, the Sleeping Beauty and other landscape (Figure 5).  The lava burst along the crack solidified into volcanic necks (Figure 6~8).  Landscape composed of columnar jointed volcanic neck and Sleeping Beauty, Pugs Agglomerate rock matching the blue skies, white sandy beaches of the coast becomes an interesting science education site.  It is also a significant local tourist attractions.

1.Geological map, the calderas and the volcanic neck positions of Green Island.

2.Bowl-shaped crate remnants at KonQuan village (公館村) of Green Island

3. Green Island YuZe lake (油子湖) scenery

4. Green Island Yuze lake (油子湖) volcanic neck

5. Green Ping scenery of Haisen Ping (海參坪), a typical burst of crater remnants.

6. Haisen Ping (海參坪) volcanic neck

7. Haisen Ping (海參坪) volcanic neck of columnar joints, mainly composed of three, four, five and six-sided polygon.

8. Haisen Ping (海參坪) volcanic neck of the Ping, with inclined columnar jointed the andesite composition.

Diving Resort with Zero Carbon Emission

There are over 15 diving centers in Green Island. The follows are some the photos taken while diving.